Moodle-to-Canvas Post-Migration Checklist

Note: These instructions are only for individuals who requested migration through the Faculty Resource Center. If you self-migrate, there are additional items to do in preparation of your course. Please contact the FRC for a comprehensive list.

After your course has been migrated from Moodle to Canvas by the FRC, it may not be ready to go live. Although Moodle and Canvas are both Learning Management Systems with very comparable tools and features, they were engineered differently. That means the content that was in your Moodle course may not have a comparable place to go in Canvas. We highly recommend checking the following items after you have been notified that your course migration is complete. Help on all of these items can be found in the Canvas Guides.

  1. Check Hidden Notes to Instructor. The migration team members put all migration notes in a page at the top of Modules. It is unpublished, so students cannot see it. This page will include questions about content that they the migration team was not sure about, discrepancies between the syllabus and the grade book, broken links, etc.
  2. Check Module Names. The migration team has attempted to name them based on the content that was included in them, but we may not have understood their purpose well enough to name them appropriately. Modules will not be named according to weekly dates, as they were in Moodle. Usually, the migration team will name them Week One, Week Two, etc.  However, at times, we may have found a more relevant title. Rename those, as needed.
  3. Remove all mentions of Moodle, MyCourses, and blocks (ILP, Quickmail, Tech Support). The migration team has attempted to do this, but it is not possible to check every activity or resources thoroughly. Consider replacing Moodle or My Courses with Online Classroom or Course Site.
  4. Set up Plagiarism Check. Turnitin Assignments are separate activity types in Moodle, but in Canvas, they are regular Assignments. Double-check our work to ensure we have converted them to assignments correctly, and them make sure the Plagiarism Check option is set in the Assignment Settings.
  5. Clean up Files. You may be surprised to see old files from semesters past in the File Manager (Files link in the left menu) because they are not as easy to get to in Moodle. During migration, all files that were ever attached or uploaded to the course in Moodle will be copied and put in the Canvas File Manager, even though they are not used. Consider cleaning up your files by removing anything that you do not link to from inside a module, page, discussion, assignment, etc.
  6. Check Attachments and Uploaded Files. Some files/attachments that were uploaded in Moodle may not have come over in the migration. We are finding that this happens if you renamed a file as you were uploading it to your Moodle course. Check the Modules page where the activity is located and see if the file is attached. Also check the Files link in the left menu. It could still have gone into your File manager but not been attached to the activity or resource on the Modules page. Re-link, if necessary.
  7. Check Announcements. Moodlerooms Forums (recently re-named Open Forums) in Moodle may come over at Announcements instead of discussions in Canvas. Check Announcements if they are missing in Discussions and convert them, if necessary. This would involve copying the text, creating a new discussion, pasting the text into the discussion, and then deleting the announcement.
  8. Double-Check the Grade Book. The grade book is set up on the Assignments page in Canvas. Check to ensure graded items are organized correctly and are included in the appropriate group (grade book category). Also check the weights and number of highest or lowest grades to keep or drop in those categories.
  9. Set Due Dates on all graded activities. A very powerful tool in Canvas is its notification system. If you have due dates set on graded activities, the student will see them on his or her Dashboard and Calendar. They appear as To-Do and Coming Up items. Due dates can be shifted based on course start date when you import the last-taught course into an upcoming course, so setup is only necessary once for every course.
  10. Double-Check Published/Unpublished Content. Check all unpublished assignments/modules to ensure they should be unpublished. If they were hidden on the migrated courses, they will be unpublished in Canvas. If you are not using an assignment or module, delete it instead of unpublishing it.

    Please contact the FRC if you have found additional post-migration issues, so that we can add them to this page for everyone's benefit.