Preparing Your Moodle Course for Migration to Canvas

  1. Do not edit courses that are currently being taught. Use the backup/restore feature to make a copy of the course that you will prepare for migration. Remember, though, that if you know you will be making changes to your live course, don’t begin preparing a copy of it for migration until you have completed those changes. You do not want to edit in two places.

  2. Remove all mention of Moodle in your instructions, titles, labels, etc. If you have made screenshots or videos sharing your screen in a Moodle course, replace the image or video with a placeholder telling yourself to create a new one later. Better yet, see if you can make your course completely LMS-agnostic! The Canvas Help guides for both faculty and students are phenomenal, and there will be a link to that easily searchable site in a prominent place in Canvas. Consider pointing students there instead of explaining how to do something in your own words.

  3. Blocks do not transfer, so if there is important information in a custom block in your courses, find a place for it in your course content. We recommend the syllabus or one page with all helpful information on it at the top of your course.

  4. Delete the announcements forum at the top of your course. Canvas has an announcement tool built into the course menu.

  5. Weekly section titles will not transfer, and Canvas does not set up courses to include those auto-generated dates. Change the format of the course to Topics and then edit the titles with “Week 1: Topic(s) and/or Dates,” etc.

  6. Remove the Computer Compatibility Checklist, if you have that in your course.

  7. Remove syllabi that are the old book format, as it creates a large number of separate links in Canvas. Everyone should be using the new syllabus template.