Submitting Final Grades in Moodle

  1. Go into the Moodle course for which you want to submit grades.
  2. Double-check all students’ final grade calculations to ensure they are correct.
  3. In the ILP Integration block on the right side of the window, click Final Grades. This will link to your course in the portal.

  4. Choose the Final Grade option from the dropdown menu next to Populate final grade from current grade.This will put all grades next to the students’ names in the list at the bottom. (Note: You can change a grade by keying it into the Final Grade field if you need to.)
  5.  If you are giving a student an Incomplete, then enter a date in the Expire Date field. (The expiration date in the final grade submission should match exactly the date you enter on the Incomplete form because that determines when the I automatically turns into an F. Check with your department chair or program director if you are unsure what the date should be.) 
  6. Click the Submit Grades button at the bottom of the window.

***Mac Users: There are some known issues between the SNU portal and the Safari browser. If you are using Safari and have difficulties submitting either Attendance or Grades, please try a different browser.