Taking Attendance in Moodle

You are required to take attendance each time your class is scheduled to meet for each course that you teach at SNU. If you teach an online course, you will take attendance for the Monday of each week of the course. You will do this through the ILP Integration block in Moodle. 

***Mac Users: There are some known issues between the SNU portal and the Safari browser. If you are using Safari and have difficulties submitting either Attendance or Grades, please try a different browser.

Taking Attendance in Moodle

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  1. Click on Daily Attendance in the ILP Integration block.

  1. Home - SNU Portal.png From there it takes you to the SNU portal, where you will select the day or week that you want to take attendance for. 

NOTE: If you are not already logged into the portal, it will ask you to login.

  1. You can record attendance 2 ways.

A.  You can select an option (Present, Absent - Excused, Absent - No Excuse, or Late) for all students from the “Set Attendance Status” drop-down above the student list. Once you make your selection, you will need to click “Submit” and then click “Submit” again to save it.


B. You can select the same options as listed above for each individual student in the “Attendance Status” drop-down list to the right of the student name. Once you have made your selections, click “Submit” to save it.