Adding Your Instructor Information to a Canvas Course

It is always a good practice to provide the professor's name and contact information in prominent locations within a course site.  As an instructor, you should add your name and contact information directly to the course Home page. If you have already added a bio in your Canvas profile, you can link directly to your Canvas Profile page, avoiding the need to add a bio to every course. Follow the instructions for editing a page in the Canvas guides first. After you key in your name, select your name and add the link. Below are details on how to add the link to your profile.

  1. Create your Canvas profile.
  2. Edit the page in Canvas where the link will be placed (i.e. Home page).
  3. Type your name on the page.
  4. Right-click your profile (Account) icon and choose the option to copy the link.
  5. Come back to the page you are editing and add the hyperlink to your name. You can paste the link that you copied in the previous step.
  6. Save and Publish the page.