The official SNU-adopted Learning Management System.

CLI (Center for Learning & Innovation)

The Center for Learning & Innovation (CLI) at SNU partners with faculty to develop and teach quality undergraduate and graduate courses. The goal of the FRC is to provide resources, training, technology and support for faculty who teach courses in a variety of formats modalities. The CLI's mission is to design quality courses, deliver relevant faculty training, and provide excellent faculty services to support the SNU mission.


LMS (Learning Management System)

At SNU, a Learning Management System is an online space where teaching and learning occurs. Students and instructors log into the LMS where they see links to courses and other learning spaces that they are enrolled in. Those links take them to a website where they can access resources, assignments, learning activities, communication tools, grades, and more. All of this is provided in a safe environment to protect all users' confidential information.



A rubric is a written guide that lists specific criteria that students will be graded on for a specific assignment.

T is a plagiarism detection service that allows student and instructors to check written documents for originality against their nationwide database.