Online Instructor Training Program

To be eligible to teach online courses at SNU, faculty must complete the Online Instructor Training (OIT) program, a self-paced online program with two parts:

  1. Canvas LMS training, in which all faculty are enrolled; and
  2. Online Instruction, in which only potential online faculty will be enrolled.

Both parts of the program have integrated digital badges that participants earn along the way. Those badges can be added to one's professional portfolio, LinkedIn profile, CVs, etc. 

The program is facilitated by the Faculty Resource Center, as there are required assignments, but there are no due dates. Hiring supervisors will determine a target completion date for individuals they wish to assign online sections. Our facilitators will periodically provide gentle reminders to the participants about the target date that have been set for them, but there will be no recourse, except that they will not be eligible to teach online until they finish.

Should faculty be required to complete the program if they have experience teaching online at other institutions? Yes. This program provides SNU-specific practices and standards that may differ from other institutions.

To enroll in the OIT program, speak with your dean, program director, or department chair. Below is the referral form, which should only be completed by Deans, Directors, and Chairs who anticipate the need for online instructors.