Recording Attendance Through Canvas

1. Click on Help & Tools from the left sidebar. Select Faculty Self- Service. You do not have to be in a particular course.

2.  Click on the course you would like to record Attendance for. If you have a cross-listed course, once you click on Attendance it will show all students even though the courses may be listed separately on this page.

3.  Select the Attendance tab.

4. The date under Select Date should default  to the current date. You should only need to select a date if you are taking attendance for a day other than the current one.  You can click on Update All and select either to count all as Present or Absent. You can then go change the status for individual students if necessary. You can also click the Comment box next to a student's name to add notes. You do not have to save the information. The system will auto-save it as you make your selections.