Facilitating a Course in Canvas

Whether you have built your Canvas course yourself or have been given a course with pre-loaded content, you may need to personalize or customize it a bit before the term begins. Additionally, you may need to know how to facilitate the course throughout the term. Helpful tips for facilitating your course are listed below with links to detailed instructions.

  1. Adding Your Syllabus to the Course
  2. Editing Your Profile Page
  3. Adding Your Instructor Information
  4. Viewing Your Class Roster
  5. Accessing Student Work
  6. Discussion Forums
  7. Publishing Your Course
  8. Setting Due Dates
  9. Announcements
  10. Grading Assignments
    1. Speedgrader
    2. Grading Offline
    3. Embedded Rubrics
  11. Gradebook
  12. Taking Attendance 
  13. Submitting Grades