To use your SNU Zoom account, please login here https://snu.zoom.us/ using your SNU credentials. 

How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting in Canvas

Zoom is a full-featured web and video conferencing solution that offers the ability to have online meetings with anyone on campus or even around the world.  Features include: video conferencing, screen sharing, remote control, breakout rooms, and even the ability to record your meetings.  At this time, it is available for anyone on campus with an @mail.snu.edu account, so that means it uses your SNU credentials.  

When you access our custom Zoom page, a free account will be automatically created for you. Full-time faculty have access to pro accounts which allow unlimited meetings and unlimited length.  Students will have a 40-minute limit for meetings of 3 or more that they create or host. Please contact the IT dept. for any questions regarding this at 405.491.6396 or support@snu.edu

How To's:

Studio How To's:

Various Uses:

  • Video Conferencing or Meetings
  • Online Presentations/Lecture
  • Online Office Hours

For More Info: Zoom Support